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Our precision fabricated products are used in satellite communications, telecommunications, computer peripherals, semiconductor fabrication, laser engraving, and the mining industry, to name a few. Phoenix Metalcraft Inc. takes your job from inception all the way through the finished product. From design to assembly, flat sheets of material to painting, we deliver to you or to your end-user.

Quality is More Than Just a Word—
It’s an integral part of everything we do and every product we build.

Phoenix Metalcraft Inc. has earned awards and certificates that bear witness to the quality of our fabrication services. Computerized job tracking allows us to maintain a well organized, effective, and capable production system. Continually searching for ways to improve our processes and products has made us the recognized leading supplier of sheet fabrication to the electronics and telecommunications industries. From management ideals that filter down to production workforce responsibilities, we have developed a reputation for providing our customer’s precision products at reasonable prices.